Featured Fan Friday: Anita’s Dream Comes True At The Tea Party

Today’s featured fan is the super adorable Anita, whom shared her amazing photos from the private Harajuku Tea Party earlier this week. She was able to meet and get autographs from the whole band and see No Doubt perform in a super intimate setting. Check out her photos here and we will add her album soon to the gallery.

4 Replies to “Featured Fan Friday: Anita’s Dream Comes True At The Tea Party”

  1. Shes peruvian as me! her experiencie was so freaking awesome!!! Tony got in shock when she said to him she was from Peru! hehehe … NO DOUBT COME TO PERU!

  2. Gwen, you legit look exactly the same as you did in Tragic Kingdom days. Fashion has changed, you have not.(you so don’t look like you’ve had children,either!, still rockin’ steady with the bod XD) I miss your music a lot! Can’t wait for this CD!
    Sincerely, former superman kind of jumping up and down inside for this now. XD Turn me back onto you guys, it won’t be hard. OOh and look how good Tony looks all classed up. Everyone’s looking great. I believe in this album!
    Fi former Super fan (Sorry, Gwen, you moved on…..so I did too! I Gaga is a great stand in bleach blonde, adore her, but nothing compares to a Super fan’s first love! It’s like I’m married and I want to go out and cheat with you behind his back. hahaha <3haveagoodday

    ps; everyone's really excited. like everyone i tell. so don't feel any insecurities!

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