Exclusive Video: The Making Of Band Hero (Summer 2009)

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Sorry for the low quality (I taped it off my TV with my digital camera), but here is the behind-the-scenes footage of No Doubt preparing for their avatar experiences in “Band Hero.” Video also includes backstage and live footage from Bakersfield, CA and San Diego, CA from their summer 2009 reunion tour. It’s really neat — enjoy!

0 Replies to “Exclusive Video: The Making Of Band Hero (Summer 2009)”

  1. Awesome, thanks 😀 I love it when Gwen does the voice warming up-thing in the end (I have no idea what it’s called in english, lol)

  2. WOW that was amazing! 😀 And I love how Gwen is singing at the end of the video… It’s exciting for the new album!!!!!

  3. hilarious!

    i love the band in the glasses and gwen’s little improv song at the end……i have a stomach ache…..so cute.

    i can just hear this on the new album now 😉 lol


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