Exclusive Q&A with Eric Keyes

In honor of No Doubt’s 30th anniversary, we chatted with close friend and collaborator of the band Eric Keyes for a quick Q&A on his relationship with No Doubt over the years.

We asked him about some of his earliest memories and his most fondest moments with No Doubt. Eric has documented and followed the band for the majority of their career and is behind some of the most treasured home movie footage and iconic photos of No Doubt, which have been included in many memorable documentaries. Fans may recognize Eric’s most notable collaborations with the band including co-writing the song “That’s Just Me”, shooting the album artwork for The Beacon Street Collection and designing for both L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers.

Eric also treated us to an exclusive clip from his personal collection of No Doubt on tour in 1992. The video features footage of the band goofing off with one another during soundcheck and then rocking out onstage with “Big City Train”. We’re very, very excited and honored to share the clip (which happens to be from Eric’s favorite tour) and you can check it out below.

Eric Keyes is an incredibly nice and talented guy and we’re thankful for everything that he’s contributed and shared with the No Doubt fan community over the years. We’re also extremely grateful and appreciative of him for taking the time to chat with us in celebration of the band’s milestone anniversary!

6 Replies to “Exclusive Q&A with Eric Keyes”

  1. Is this the only duet version of Up Yours? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRper8EKzEw
    How I wish the band would release some of these rarities. Now that’s what I call a rarity. lol (Not what we got on EIT album :P)
    Anyway, great interview with Eric. If you’re reading, Eric: Why the band won’t release old demos and old school songs? Is it for legal reasons with past members?

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