Exclusive Photos: Lucky Fan Kelli Poses With Her New No Doubt Road Case

So awesome! Check out these shots that lucky fan Kelli Hackett sent into us of her and her brand new No Doubt road case that she won in the auction! It’s so incredible that the band gave us fans an opportunity to own such great stuff! Congratulations again to all that won some of the stuff, and a special thank you again to Kelli! You look great, sweetheart!

5 Replies to “Exclusive Photos: Lucky Fan Kelli Poses With Her New No Doubt Road Case”

  1. congrats Kelli,

    how awsome that you can actually say you own something so great. ND are amazing people to love their fans so much that they were willing to do that for us. such great people. The case is awwwwwsome.

  2. I’ve known Kelli for quite a while and she is a total No Doubt nut! I swear she must be Gwen’s biggest fan and I say that because I’m an old lady who had never even heard of her until Kelli married my son. Now, because of Kelli constantly talking about her I’m even on the border of converting to be a fan myself. No better person could have won this auction.

  3. Aww! Thanks mom! And thanks for raising such a wonderful son for me to marry, he’s the one that bid on and won the auction for me. 🙂

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