Exclusive Photo: Backstage In Buffalo 1996

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Check out a rare backstage photo of the band after performing in Buffalo, New York on Bush’s Sixteen Stone tour. Huge thanks to Jo for sending into us!

7 Replies to “Exclusive Photo: Backstage In Buffalo 1996”

  1. i was at this show! it was my very first concert! it was amazing! seeing them perform live so early in the TK tour… i’ll never forget it.

  2. Tragic, aww, that is awesome! I remember wanting to go to the TK show in my area but I was only 12 and my mom thought I was a little too young. Boo! I would have loved to go to an early show though in that era.

    Gwen_Couture, I know! That is Gwenabee to a T!

  3. Jenny, I didn’t know you were almost 30 years old! I thought you were younger. I was 12 or 13 when i went to that show.. Bush was a huge deal back then I remember. It’s always nice to see No Doubt early on their tours! I remember seeing them on the ROS tour before that album came out and the same with Rock Steady! So much fun at smaller shows.. the fans get really into it.

  4. Oh, so that means you were like 9 years old! I wouldn’t have allowed my 9 year old to go to that kind of concert either! Oh parents!

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