Exclusive No Doubt Tour Club Package Scans


Whew! So, I’m finally back home in Seattle after a week — and what a crazy week! Seeing No Doubt four times in less than a week was surreal for me, and then meeting the band? Amazing! And it’s only the beginning of the tour! Anywho, we picked up our first official Tour Club package last night, and I scanned what it contains (minus the checkered sticker — sorry I stuck it on my laptop as soon as I got it!) You receive a tour club magnet featuring the band and the yellow arrows, the yellow and black target patch (pictured above), a postcard featuring the new “Spiderwebs” mod themed artwork (which is featured on the tote being sold on tour, pictured above), and an advertisement for new No Doubt dings with an exclusive 10% off deal for tour club members only. We added the scans to our gallery, and if you use them anywhere else, please, please credit back to BSO, thanks guys.

Click here for the rest of the Tour Club merch!

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  1. How big is the postcard? Because I would make a poster of this artwork but I guess the postcard is too small for this… however I think I know what I am going to do… 🙂

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