Exclusive Captures: “It’s My Life” Backdrop Footage; Video Link Added

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I’m so excited to share these with you! I’ve gotten my hands on a high quality video of No Doubt’s stock footage that they used in the backdrop for “It’s My Life” during the 2009 tour. They have also been using it recently mixed with new stuff I’ve noticed for… the iHeartRadio performance. But this footage is stunning. The video starts off with Gwen driving in Hollywood in a classic car in color, crying, while the boys driving together chase after her. The black and white footage is filmed inside Gwen’s home and shows the band playing poker, having martinis and generally enjoying each other’s company. There are also some gorgeous solo shots of Gwen playing on shadows and things around her.

At this time, I’ve only posted 125+ high quality screen captures from the video, I am still trying to figure out if I have the rights to post it due it being unreleased at this time. The audio of the video sounds like a timed rehearsal of “It’s My Life” live being played by the band in a studio. I will try and share it if I can but for now, it’s incredible to finally have some clear shots from this footage since it’s pretty much gold. Enjoy!

Click here to see more photos!


Well it looks like the video has been shared on Vimeo, click here to watch. The video will not embed.


Thanks to Yaroslav for uploading a YouTube version of the video.

7 Replies to “Exclusive Captures: “It’s My Life” Backdrop Footage; Video Link Added”

  1. Pretty cool! Cant’ wait to watch. Maybe you could ask Tom on twitter if it’s ok to upload it? Dunno… Good luck!

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