Exclusive HQ Download: “Spiderwebs” Live From The Bridge School Benefit Vol. 5

Surprise! iTunes has just posted exclusively the new Bridge School Benefit Vol. 5 (Live) compilation and No Doubt’s acoustic version of “Spiderwebs” has been included! I went ahead and purchased the track for $1.29 and wanted to share again with everyone! I’m having trouble converting it to mp3 at the moment, but the format is in .m4a, which plays in iTunes and various music players. The sound is amazing and in a way I feel like it should hold us over for the next few months while we’re waiting for new music! If you use the files on your websites, PLEASE provide BSO credit! Please consider buying the song yourself (or even the full album!) since all proceeds go to the foundation itself. Enjoy!

Have you downloaded “Magic’s In The Makeup” yet?

Click here to download our exclusive “Spiderwebs” HQ Album .M4A

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