Even More Details From “Settle Down” Shoot

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Click here for their exclusive photos!

We’re so sneaky! It turns out some lucky fans headed out to Downey studios last night to hopefully catch a glimpse of the band filming their new video for “Settle Down”. Thanks to all that have shared their details so far and we have even more secrets to share! Huge thanks to Tristin for sending in their report! They also say they will be sending in photo so we will of course share them all with you soon!

Hey, just thought I let you know how it went from a quarter mile away from the video shoot. It was pretty fun, but we really couldn’t see anything till we had the binoculars on. There must of been about 50 people on set standing to the side of all these vehicles, which the main one that was lit up with Adrian’s drums on it looking like a ice cream truck or a fire engine. When they were filiming, it looked like they just kept walking back and forth in front of the ice cream truck or fire engine Gwen did had have a bum flap which for sure had sequins on the back because I saw it sparkle. At one point when they were filming they wanted Adrian to scream or yell, which he did, and we kept seeing people doing back and front flips, this was before they were filming I believe. After are bit everyone was gone and that was around 12 a.m. I sadly had to leave because I was with my sister and she got really tired. It was pretty awesome to have No Doubt literally 5 minutes away from my house, and working right behind a place where I use to work at, so crazy! I will send some pictures when I get home. Thanks much for the big tip!!!

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  1. So awesome that fans got to go experience history in the making!! Thank you BSO and Tristin for sharing!! xox

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