Eric Keyes Animated Gwen and Tom in 1995

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I’m excited to share something that the wonderful Eric Keyes sent into us. Check out some screen captures from a 1995 episode of Fox Kid’s animated segment Klutter! (remember Eek! Stravaganza?) which featured Gwen and Tom caricatures hand drawn by Eric. This is pretty awesome and exciting cause this is new to me. And they turned out pretty cool! Must have been surreal to the band to already be in hit cartoons before hitting it big!

Thought you’d like this, I worked as the Character Designer on a Foxs Kids show called “The Klutter” which was part of “Eek The Cat” for a while… anyway, I drew Gwen and Tom into some episodes, here are a couple of screen grabs. 1995

Remember when the band was animated for The Simpsons?


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