Download: “Settle Down” and “Looking Hot” Instrumentals

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Here they are! We postponed sharing these due to the album’s release but we have now added the high quality instrumentals for both singles, “Settle Down” and “Looking Hot”, to download from BSO. We post these for fan’s personal enjoyment…, not as copyright infringements with no intentions of harm towards the band or Interscope. Click below to download both tracks — they both really showcase the amazingness to the songs and brings them to a new level (especially the breakdown in “Looking Hot”!)

Click here to download the “Looking Hot” instrumental

Click here to download the “Settle Down” instrumental

Huge thank you to doitrightnow for the “Looking Hot” instrumental!

4 Replies to “Download: “Settle Down” and “Looking Hot” Instrumentals”

  1. HEY the link of looking hot is not working correctly, i’ve tried to download it 6 times and in the half of the process it stops plz fix it.

  2. Lamb, very strange! It’s the first time I’ve heard of it but I’ll try uploading it again this evening for you. Thank you.

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