New Tom Interview With Bloomberg Radio

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In a new radio interview with Tom Dumont on Bloomberg’s Taking Stock radio show last night and he used the opportunity to talk about the new album and gave us some new information. He took some time away from the rehearsals to call into the show. Some of the main highlights of the interview include:

Push and Shove has eleven songs on the album
– Tom calls “Push and Shove” his favorite track
– “Push and Shove” is over five minutes long; so if it ever became a single (which it’s rumored to be the second one), would have to be cut down
– The “Settle Down” video will be out on July 16
– The band will continue to focus on interviews and TV performances until the album is out
– After the album is out, they will work on preparing for full concerts
– No Doubt is planning to tour in most of 2013

“It’s been a long time coming. The last album we did came out in 2001, and then we took a break, that ended up being an extended break. Gwen did two solo albums that went really well. We got back together in 2009 and did a big tour. And after that, started writing and recording. The sound of the album is really just a throwback to the stuff we grew up with, really in the 80s, and it’s a weird mix. It’s a mix of 80s British new-wave stuff like Depeche Mode and The Cure and then also ska music, like The Specials and Madness, and kind of Jamaican influenced stuff. It is a weird mix but it’s kind of the same sound we’ve always done.

“On the new album, it’s hard. We worked really hard on this. We wrote for a year, we recorded for like a year and a half, now we just finished it, so it’s hard. They are all like babies. We’ve got eleven songs. I think the title track, is called “Push and Shove”, is kind of my favorite and that one is a collaboration with these guys called Major Lazer who are like Jamaican, well they are American guys, they do this Jamaican-like dancehall thing. This song, “Push and Shove”, is like a ska anthem, or something. It’s really amazing. If it comes out as a single, we’ll have to cut it down, cause it’s like five minutes long. It’s a pretty banging track.

“The first single is called “Settle Down”, we just made a video for that which came out great, and that will be out July 16.

“This year we’re gearing up for TV shows and press to promote the album until it comes out, and then we turn around to start getting ready for full concerts and hopefully tour all next year. That’s the plan.

“Touring is amazing. In the early days, we did everything from cross-country two-month long van tours, where we were driving the van. We did that in the beginning and then we made it. We made it all the way up to like tour bus, Jones Beach-style sheds everywhere. It’s fun. In the early days it was partying, now we all have families. When we did it in 2009, we did a big US tour, it was like our biggest tour ever, actually. We brought our kids so it turned into like summer day camp everyday.

Click here to download Tom’s interview with Talking Stock

8 Replies to “New Tom Interview With Bloomberg Radio”

  1. From what we’ve heard, ska is a huge part on this album. They are also pulling very strongly from reggae and dancehall. In this interview as well they were influenced by 80s heroes Depeche Mode and The Cure, too (British new-wave).

  2. They had confirmed 12 songs with us, but who knows if they will all end up on the album. I just hope they get released somehow if they are not on Push and Shove. I feel like all the titles are old friends since we’ve been following them for so long! LOL!

  3. I agree with Amanda! Eleven songs seem not enough, after all Tragic Kingdom and Return of Saturn have 14 each! Even Rock Steady has 13 songs… I hope for a Deluxe Edition too! Maybe it’s part of the surprises that’s coming…

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