Download: Live in New Jersey and San Diego

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Our friend Sebastian has sent us in two more full length audio concerts for everyone to download! Today we’re sharing two very decent quality recordings of No Doubt’s stops on The Singles tour from 2004 in both Holmdel, New Jersey (the first of two shows, June 3, 2004) and San Diego, California (June 24, 2004). Both audio sources come from very clear audience recordings. I believe both of these have been circulated before but the San Diego one is more clean than what I remember. We’re thrilled to have them in our collection! Enjoy!

Holmdel, New Jersey setlist download:

01 Intro
02 Just a Girl
03 Excuse Me Mr.
04 Ex-Girlfriend
05 Underneath It All
06 Hey Baby
07 Bathwater
08 Running
09 Simple Kind of Life
10 Hella Good
11 New
12 Don’t Speak
13 It’s My Life
14 Spiderwebs
15 Sunday Morning

San Diego, California setlist download:

01 Just a Girl
02 Excuse Me Mr.
03 Ex-Girlfriend
04 Underneath It All
05 Hey Baby
06 Bathwater
07 Running
08 Simple Kind of Life
09 Hella Good
10 New
11 Don’t Speak
12 It’s My Life
13 Spiderwebs
14 Sunday Morning

2 Replies to “Download: Live in New Jersey and San Diego”

  1. Boy she was a little firecracker during the San Diego show! Hopefully her mom didn’t attend that one LOL F-bomb nearly every song!

    And the NJ show was great fun. The crowd was singing along to every song. Love that! That was missing last year!

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