Download: Live in Los Angeles December 1995

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After finally getting my hands on a copy of this rare radio promo, I’ve uploaded and shared the band’s full Live in Los Angeles December 1995 for everyone to enjoy!

This EP was released to radio shortly after Tragic Kingdom made its debut and features the band’s high quality soundboard performance at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas held at the Universal Ampitheatre back on December 17, 1995. This version of “Spiderwebs” is also included on the imported single.

Some of the vocals and performance sounds overdubbed and was mixed by Greg Nelson. Artwork and design by good friend of the band and artist, Merkely. Download the files below and check out the full EP on YouTube (excluding the album version of “Open The Gate”), which we’ve uploaded for everyone in high quality.


Click here to download Live in Los Angeles December 1995

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