Download: Complete High Quality Audio From Charlotte, NC


Wow! Thank you so much to our buddy Daniel for sending into us — you can now download our first high quality recording from the tour — the whole show! — taken from No Doubt’s stop in Charlotte, NC last week. Sucks for us though, this is one of the dates that No Doubt did not play “Stand and Deliver” for some reason.. which we don’t know why. It is rumored that No Doubt will be switching up that slot with different songs (they did soundcheck “Let’s Get back” back in Denver and “Tragic Kingdom” recently! Woo! Thta would be amazing!) Enjoy, I posted the set list below so you can split them up by disc if you burn them to disc. We will be adding to our audio section in the next couple days — as well as some other files.


Disc 1:

1 – Pre-Show

2 – Intro

3 – Spiderwebs

4 – Hella Good

5 – Underneath It All

6 – Excuse Me Mr.

7 – Ex-Girlfriend

8 – End It On This

9 – Simple Kind Of Life

10 – Bathwater

11 – Guns Of Navarone (Instrumental)

12 – New

13 – Hey Baby

14 – Running

Disc 2:

1 – Different People

2 – Band Intros

3 – Different People (Part 2)

4 – Don’t Speak

5 -It’s My Life

6 – Just A Girl

7 – Encore Break

8 – Rock Steady

9 – Sunday Morning

10 – Outro

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