“Don’t Speak” Becomes Vevo Certified With Over 100 Million Views

“Don’t Speak” has become the first of No Doubt’s videos to reach Vevo Certified meaning it’s been viewed over 100,000,000 times on YouTube and Vevo! The iconic video, directed by Sophie Muller, still resonates with millions of fans and we’re proud of the band for hitting this milestone. Most artists are presented with an actual award from Vevo and they feature exclusive interviews and presentations. Hopefully one with No Doubt will be on the way soon.

Very few artists have had their videos Vevo Certified and you can check out the full list here.

9 Replies to ““Don’t Speak” Becomes Vevo Certified With Over 100 Million Views”

  1. Its great!! But I am still waiting for NEW on Vevo!!! The song and uncut version of the video is the best in my opinion..

  2. Paul, I think they can’t upload New video cause of copyright rights, since it was part of a movie soundtrack. Not sure how it works though.

  3. Congrats ND! I think the next closest video to being certified is “Hollaback Girl” but its only at about 50 million views

  4. Cool has got almost 50 million views. Surprised how some ND/Gwen videos don’t have more views. Considering how some videos nowadays have like 300 million views or more. lol

  5. Yeah I am quite surprised “the sweet escape” only has 28 million views because that song was huge in 2007 and I still hear it often today. Also “just a girl” only has 21 million and next to “dont speak” its their most iconic song.

  6. Cool does have a lot of views considering its chart impact was mediocore but I guess people realize how good the video is. Also “What you waiting for” has less than 10 million views and is in my opinion gwen/ND best video.

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