“Don’t Speak” #84 Best Song Of The 90s

Though we think it should be much higher on the list, NME magazine has named the band’s first number one smash (which lead to their fist Grammy Award nomination), “Don’t Speak”, the #84 Best Song of the 1990s. We do love though how they mentioned the early version of the song.

NME#84 No Doubt “Don’t Speak”

Legend has it Gwen Stefani discarded the early, slushy version of ‘Don’t Speak’ after her relationship with No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal fell apart. It may have made rehearsals a tad awkward, but her decision to slow down the tempo and give the lyrics extra bite paid dividends. A drastic sea change from their trademark ska-pop, the lovelorn ballad became their biggest single to date.

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