Diplo: “We Did Some Stuff That Will End Up Being For Their Album”

Okay, so a new Diplo (one half of Major Lazer) interview with The Vine reveals conflicting information than what we were informed only just yesterday. In our old post, we mentioned him saying that the work that No Doubt and Major Lazer worked on together would be appearing on Major Lazer’s upcoming album (due in March) instead of previous reports that they were working on material for No Doubt’s. Well, now that’s not the case. Diplo says that the stuff that the two groups were working on together WILL END UP BEING ON THE NO DOUBT ALBUM. So we apologize for the conflicting stories, but we were just reporting the news. It’s a little confusing sometimes.

So for now, I think it is safe to say that Major Lazer will be appearing on No Doubt’s upcoming album, rumored to be due this March as well like what we all originally thought.

The VineThe Vine: So have you gone back to get a whole lot of Jamaican kids or semi-unknowns [to the mainstream] for this new record as guests?

Diplo: Being unknown is relative you know. With a lot of people and Jamaican music, their knowledge really doesn’t extend beyond Sean Paul. There’s a lot of classic reggae dudes like Elephant Man, Beenie Man and some newcomers like Mystik that don’t get as much notice… but a lot of the new record is pretty cool.

We’ve got Lykke Li on one track, we’ve got Vampire Weekend, the guys from Dirty Projectors…some other surprises. We did some stuff with the guys from No Doubt that will end up being for their album, but it was cool anyway. So it’s kind of ended up being reggae but in a really weird way, like from the future or whatever.

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