Diplo Speaks To GQ About Working With No Doubt: “I Just Got Lucky”

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Diplo (one half of collaborator’s on the new No Doubt album, Major Lazer) sat down with GQ magazine, and in his interview he mentions that he “got lucky” when the opportunity came along to work with the band. He says that he didn’t tell No Doubt what to do in the studio, it all just played out on it’s own and the material that they worked on together speaks for itself. We are super stoked to hear what came out of the collaboration and earlier there was some debate on if the material would show up on either No Doubt or Major Lazer’s upcoming album, but he confirmed that it will show up on the band’s.

GQ — On working for and with other artists…

GQ: Will you pass them onto somebody?

Diplo: Recently, I’ve been doing more and more of that, with this guy Derek who programs my computer for me, fixing stuff for me, being there for like five years, he’s my right-hand man and I work with him in the studio doing chord progressions. I do a lot of collaborations and productions, whether it’s Switch or Steve Aoki or No ID or Will Smith or No Doubt — I always like to collaborate and be a quality control person for the people ’cause I have my own taste in music and bring that to other peoples’ brands and help them learn a little bit. I do that a lot these days.

GQ: Is it hard to not be too selfish in that situation? And has it been hard to manage some of those bigger personalities?

Diplo: I don’t say no to anybody, really, I’m pretty eclectic. If you’re gonna look for me, you gotta know what you’re getting into. I’m not a commercial machine, I do a certain type of thing. I usually want to collaborate. No Doubt, I just got lucky, I wanted to do something for them, I’m not telling them what to do, their record speaks for itself, we’re just trying to make it the best record.

GQ: Are you surprised when folks like Beyoncé or No Doubt reach out to you?

Diplo: I was surprised with No Doubt, and Gwen Stefani knew a lot about my personal life because she had M.I.A. on tour with them four, five years ago, and they used to talk about their relationships and stuff. That was definitely pretty weird, that someone like her, knew anything about me. Most of the time people don’t know who I am or what I do or what Major Lazer is. It’s just a bunch of names or idioms for a lot of people because they’re so caught up in their own things.

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