Diplo Hints To Collaboration With Retweet And Mention Of “Big Tune”

This is interesting! So last night Gwen sparked our attention when she mentioned “Major Lazer and No Doubt sandwich please” in a Tweet last night. Major Lazer is the collaboration project with well known DJ/producer Diplo (whom has worked with Gwen in the past) and Switch. Well, at this time we don’t know what’s happening, but she also mentioned working on a “chorus” last night, and then Diplo ended up re-tweeting her Tweet and added “This a big tune!!!!!” Are No Doubt and Diplo teaming up for a song on the new album? We are thinking so! Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it seems pretty clear to us! Below is the official Diplo remix of “Hollaback Girl”, the Hollatronix Remix by Diplo, that is featured on the deluxe version of Love.Angel.Music.Baby.

RT @nodoubt: @MajorLazer No Doubt sandwich please – Gx.. (This a big tune!!!!!)

3 Replies to “Diplo Hints To Collaboration With Retweet And Mention Of “Big Tune””

  1. after 10 years waiting for this album and now announcing names like Major Lazers on it…I just can’t wait!

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