Poster Designer Dirk Fowler Recalls Creating Posters For No Doubt

Graphic designer Dirk Fowler recalls working with No Doubt back in 2009 on a few posters (23 actually to be exact!) for the summer tour. He admits that he never really heard the band’s music before working with them, and found No Doubt to be easy to work with. They loved everything that he came up with, and I know I can speak for fans saying that most of the posters created were amazing and the artwork was out of this world.

Most of his posters from the tour can be found on Gig Posters and Merch.

Daily To Reader — Gwen Stefani and several other popular musical artists and bands have asked one Texas Tech associate professor to create handmade posters for them.

One of Fowler’s favorite bands to work with — but he did not consider himself a fan of — was No Doubt.

“I didn’t really listen to No Doubt and they asked me to make 23 posters for them and they were very, very easy to work with,” he said. “They loved everything I did and so, I don’t necessarily have to like the music, I just have to be able to respect the artist that I’m doing work for.

“They were just so great to work with. They’re pretty well known. That’s a pretty large client and to do that much work for them was a great opportunity.”

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