UPDATE: No Doubt NOT Working With Producer Detail; Detail Responds


So… Detail just direct messaged us on Twitter with some more information, and it seems there might be some miscomunication going on. In his message, he told me that Jimmy Iovine (from Interscope) booked studio time for him to write and produce a song for No Doubt… we are a little confused what this means. A remix? A song for the album that the band will use? Interesting. Moving on.


Tom has just Tweeted back to us that this is untrue! No Doubt are NOT working with hip-hop producer Detail AND have not even met him! We don’t understand why he or anyone would publically say something like this that is completely untrue (he says he was working with them on a new song). We are still scratching our head! Huge thank you to Tom for clearing and confirming this for us!

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Well! It seems like we’re getting a little bit more info about who the band is working with. After the band confirmed they are working with techno-reggae group Major Lazer on the upcoming album (rumored to be on “Push and Shove”), now another producer is stepping up and saying he’s collaborated with the group for the new album. This time, hip-hop producer, Detail, whom has worked with Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg and others. This should be pretty interesting! Details describes the song as “George Michael with a new party type of sound” and then goes on to say “the sound is crazy”. He revealed this just recently as said that he spent a lot of time on the song… meaning it’s probably done! We’re wondering if it’s a song that the band have named or something new. We will keep you posted! What do you think of the collab?

He goes onto to say that he “killed it” and “did his job” with the band in the studio, and it’s a “new sound” in the video. Details then says “some shit be easy, but I spent a lot of time on it [the track].”

Rap Up — After producing Lil Wayne’s top 5 smash “How to Love,” Detail’s phone has been ringing off the hook. The producer tells Rap-Up TV that he is about to head into the studio to lay down tracks for Kanye West’s next album and shares his recent collaborations with T-Pain and No Doubt.

While he was careful not to disclose too much, he did promise to bring his A-game to half of The Throne. “I know when I get in with Kanye, everything’s going to go to a whole ‘nother level,” he said.

He also has T-Pain’s next single off rEVOLVEr called “Bottles,” sharing, “The club’s gonna go hammer on it.”

And he’s venturing outside of hip-hop with Gwen Stefani and No Doubt for the band’s first album in 10 years. “Think George Michael with a new party type of sound,” he explained. “The sound is crazy and I spent a lot of time on it too.”

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  1. I’m thinking maybe Interscope approached him to do a remix or something. He never said he was in the studio with the band…he just said he worked on a song. :/

  2. Già….e che ci a passato sopra molto tempo…. chissà! 😛 muoio dalla voglia del nuovo album!!!!!

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