Buzznet Interview With Tom About Upcoming Tour; More Television Appearances Coming

Sadly it was too long to upload to YouTube, so we uploaded it to our new Livevideo channel –

Taken from Buzznet that was posted yesterday.


Tom talks about how No Doubt picked the opening acts, and how Paramore reminds them of them back in the day. He said that it’s hard chosing opening bands that fans would like cause the fans have a very broad taste in music. No Doubt realized that the fans love other bands with female lead singers after the Rock Steady tour. The interviewer asked if we plan on seeing an upcoming collaboration with Paramore on the tour. It’s still undecided if the band will play new material on the new tour, but he talks about how on the 2004 Singles tour it wasn’t their show so it was hard to play deeper cuts from stuff. Tom reveals that the upcoming album will sound like a mix of the past albums, but a very strong ska sound will be coming out of it — also the rock feeling from the Tragic Kingdom era.

He talks again how Gwen was the one who came up with the Clockwork Orange theme. Gwen has been getting into the 60s space-age set for the tour, and they have been noticing that tours have been more successful with a theme. The idea behind of getting the catalog for free is because they thought it would be a sweet deal, but it’s not available for the lawn tickets because of the liscensing for them.

The band has some-sort of a setlist put together, but it was nice to see some of the songs people wanted to hear in the survey. He does say that the setlist might vary from night to night, but the staples will be there.

Tom also reveals that the band will probably be hitting the Jimmy Kimmel show closer to the tour for promtion, along with the Gossip Girls performance. Tom says that “Stand and Deliver” turned out really, really good and is super excited for us to hear it.

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