BSO's Seven Days Of No Doubt – Day 7: "Move On," 1996

And we saved the best for last. This is one of our favorite ND performances, ever. Here is them with “Move On” at the Sol Rock Festival in 1996. Sadly, the video is labeled “Total Hate,” but it still rocks. Gwen is sporting the infamous yellow bondage pants (that a lot of fans hold a personal vendetta against Gavin for making her throw them away!) and classic TK punk style. Her voice, attitude, the boys are going balls out — it’s the best. This is the era that made us fall in love with them — almost around the same time, too. We just want to mention again how EXCITED we are for the band this summer and cannot WAIT for new music in the next coming year. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the videos we’ve been posting all week and we are sad it’s over.

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