BSO Exclusive Las Vegas Coverage; Merch, Setlist And Videos Added!



Just to let everyone know that I am on my way out of Vegas and off to Fresno, California for the next show so there will be no updates till late tonight. I will try and get more videos up as well for everyone — thanks for being patient, and hope you are enjoying them! It was an amazing show!

Whew! So, let me first off say everyone needs to give a big thank you to Dave for updating through the night for us — he did an excellent job! I’m glad to see that we got some photos up from the show, thanks to Darren. I was sitting on Tony’s side up on the second tier, but I did record the WHOLE SHOW which I’m uploading to our YouTube channel now! They are pretty big files, but I will try and have them all up in the next 48 hours or so! The video backgrounds that ND have on this tour are incredible! So, for “Ex-Girlfriend, “Bathwater,” “Running,” and “It’s My Life,” I recorded the video screen only — but they are amazing! The sound turned out pretty good, and we were treated also to a round of “Happy Birthday” in honor of Adrian’s father, Samuel, who turned 60 today!


We also had the opportunity of attending the exclusive Friends and Family show last night — and No Doubt killed it two days in a row! But sadly, the “Just A Girl” video montage was not shown either nights. My guess is that they are still not finished with it… hopefully it will ready when they kick off in California next week.

We took photos of all of the merch for the tour (including prices) and placed them behind the cut for spoilers. It looks like the limited edition show posters cost $25 and will feature a new design for each show!





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  1. wow! that merch is awesome! it’s not ordinary tour merch -you know… band on front and tour dates on back – I totally love the t-shirts! but 40$… is that normal? o.O

  2. whats the thing that 25 bucks that says spiderwebs on it? vinyl? that would be intense.

  3. I love the videos, it’s great to relive the show already! You must’ve been seated SO close to us, maybe just a bit to the right. We were in 121, row N, seats 5&6.

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