BSO Exclusive: "Icon" Album Artwork Scans

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Thank you so much to singitforthem for sending into us exclusively, check out the amazing artwork found in the new Icon album from No Doubt and Interscope that was released today! The artwork includes two new outtakes from No Doubt’s photo shoot with Mark Squires done in late 2008 that we haven’t seen before. Behind the CD case (which you can see in the first photo is the spread that was used in the tour book featuring different face shots of the band. We are loving this, and totally think it’s a good deal! The CD retails for $8.99 and is in stores now! We will have HQ scans available as soon as we pick up a copy ourselves. For now, we will add larger versions to the gallery.

Please do not remove the tag off of our photos if you share them, thank you. Enjoy!

Click here to see more photos!

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