BREAKING: Tom Confirms To Us That The Band IS NOT Working With Detail

Wow! Well… just kidding! Tom just Tweeted back to us (!!!) that the band is NOT working with hip-hop producer Detail — in fact, they have never even MET him! This is pretty incredible considering Detail said on the record (and on video) that he worked with the band on a song and even went into detail (no pun intended) about what it was going to sound like. We don’t really know what to think of him or the story. Huge thank you to Tom for reading our post and responding, we really appreciate it!

I did however receieve an email from Detail saying that he was contacted by Jimmy Iovine whom wanted to book studio time for him to write and produce for the band. We are thinking there might be some truth to this, but we will have to see.

@beaconstreet Not sure about the origin of this story, never worked with him, never met him. Tom
34 minutes ago

“@beaconstreet: CONFIRMED: No Doubt working with hip-hop producer Details on new album! …” Not true, fiction! -Tom
45 minutes ago

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