Breaking: Tom Confirms Band Filming “Push and Shove” Video

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Tom has revealed that the band was filming a “guerrilla” type video for “Push and Shove” in a dive bar in Brooklyn, New York last night! Woah. Hoepfully more details and photos are shared with us soon, but I guess we can pretty much confirm “Push and Shove” has indeed been chosen as the second single!

7 Replies to “Breaking: Tom Confirms Band Filming “Push and Shove” Video”

  1. I am kind of thinking by “guerrilla”, he means home made fun stuff. I could be wrong. I am sure I will like this album, but I just don’t see any of the songs doing well with the radio or general public. I hope I am wrong. It reminds me of a mesh between ROS and RS…I miss Gwen’s voice a lot on the new stuff. She is more singing as she did on her solo records. It is new No Doubt….I’ll take it!

  2. Also, ROS and RS is not neccessarily a good thing…I loved, loved, loved ROS…RS, not so much…but it grew on me over time. There are still songs I won’t listen to because I don’t like them, but all in all it was an exciting time to hear the band again. My one favorite song of each album is as follows:
    No Doubt-Brand New Day
    Beacon Street-Greener Pastures
    Tragic Kingdom-End It On This
    Return of Saturn-Home Now
    Push and Shove-Sparkle (so far)

    My alltime favorite song by No Doubt is NEW…What about you guys?

  3. Seattletosarasota, New is also my favourite – goosebumps everytime I hear it.

    So No Doubt have chosen the edgy-risky-non commercial way, which I think is awesome! The first time I listened to P&S I was scared, but now I think it is an amazing modern tune, really like it. As a ND fan, I’m prouder of P&S as a single than I would be with Looking Hot – I think.

    Reactions from the general public will definitely be 50% love, 50% hate.

  4. I feel it is probably my favorite because it was the first “NEW” material from No Doubt after the Tragic Kingdom era. It was long awaited for and its so energizing!

  5. I’m actually a little disappointed. The song is cool and all, but I don’t see it being a radio hit. I was hoping they’d pick something else…like Sparkle or One More Summer.

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