“Push and Shove” Video Debuting Tomorrow; Trailer

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Wow! No Doubt have announced that the new music video for “Push and Shove” will be debuting exclusively on Vevo.com tomorrow!

They have also posted a new trailer for the video which looks incredible! Tomorrow is going to be a HUGE and exciting day!

9 Replies to ““Push and Shove” Video Debuting Tomorrow; Trailer”

  1. OMG, how much fun do they look like they’re having here! I absolutely love it–just seeing the excitement on their faces and knowing how great of a time they’re having.

  2. the only innovative song out of the bunch, what a let down, seriously. im sure lady gaga fans are thrilled with the new album.

  3. i agree with Kristen! they look like they are having so much fun and i love seeing the boys sing lol!!

    i have purposely not listened to any of the album besides settle down and push and shove, i’m waiting to go to target tomorrow and buy my cd and listen to it old skool hahah!

    that being said, i LOVE p&s and i hope i like the rest too…although i just love gwen’s voice and ND style so i’m sure i’ll love it!

  4. I LOVE the new album and this video seems incredible!!!! I wonder why they release a video for ‘P&S’ while they announced ‘Looking Hot’ as a second single? hum

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