Breaking: Push and Shove Super Deluxe Edition And Zinepack Available September 25

Great news! The events page has been updated on the official site listing a “Super Deluxe Edition” and “Zinepak” releases both coming on September 25, 2012! This is very exciting for those looking for a deluxe edition.

A Zinepak is also scheduled for the album, it sounds VERY cool! We looked up what it was exactly and it sounds amazing!

ZinePak blurs the line between deluxe CD/DVD releases, special-edition fan magazines and artist-branded merchandise. Each release is comprised of 60 -120 pages of original editorial content, a CD or DVD, and one or more custom merchandise items. Content and inserts vary from release to release, because each ‘ZinePak is crafted with a particular project and target audience in mind. The best entertainers aren’t cookie cutter, and neither is the best entertainment. For those reasons, there is no cookie cutter ‘ZinePak. You deserve originality –and so do your fans.

We’re also really excited to see what’s included in the deluxe edition! We do know that the band recorded four acoustic versions of the new tracks for an upcoming release (we know “Settle Down” was recorded) and B-sides exist (including an early version of “Gravity”.) We will keep you updated with the latest! Hopefully more details are shared with us soon!

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  1. hell yea!! so glad i started my No Doubt fund earlier this year.. i knew i would be spending a pretty penny on all the fun stuff.. loving this time

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