BREAKING: Good Morning America July 27

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UPDATE: Requesting and ticketing information

Okay, No Doubters! The information we have now is to send your requests to with your information for No Doubt’s Good Morning America performance for their Summer Concert Series.

Located at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park, the GMA Summer Concert Series begins around 8:30 a.m. on Fridays May through August. The park opens at 6 a.m. and it is recommended you get there as early as possible; since the concerts are free and open to the public, it can get crowded very fast. 2 Check the website for a list of upcoming musical guests.

If you want to bring a group to the show, contact the GMA audience coordinator at to coordinate.

It’s been confirmed that No Doubt will be performing their first single on ABC’s Good Morning America on July 27!

Good Morning America (which is filmed in New York City) announced their appearance this morning for their upcoming summer concert series. This is perfect timing for the band since Tom has stated the new single will be dropping in July! This will be their first time performing on the morning show — so what a great platform! Many fans should be able to attend the event and see the band perform multiple songs! We will keep everyone updated! How exciting! And here is to many more!

FYI: For fans wanting to attend, click here for some tips and advice on getting to this free show put on by Good Morning America! Good luck!

9 Replies to “BREAKING: Good Morning America July 27”

  1. its time No Doubters! i wont be surprised if they announce some tour dates as well..possibly small shows at smaller venues. its not uncommon that No Doubt play a few small shows before a record release. so exciting!!

  2. ps. i believe this is their second tome performing on GMA.. dont forget about their performance in 2009!

  3. I’m totally going. Anyone leaving out of the Philly area? I am so ecstatic! Ahh amazing, No Doubt will forever electrify me.

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