Breaking: No Doubt Performing at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas Night #2; Setlist

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KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas Setlist:

Push and Shove / Sunday Morning / Hella Good / Underneath It All / Ex-Girlfriend / It’s My Life / Don’t Speak / Just a Girl / Spiderwebs

It’s been heavily rumored that No Doubt would be making an appearancetonight during KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas night #2 and we’re hearing it’s true! Their gear has been spotted and are said to be up live after FUN’s set.

Spike Stent hinted that he was there, too.


No Doubt have hit the stage!













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KROQ — And the special guest is…Daft Punk! No, actually, it’s the amazing, impenetrable No Doubt, SoCal’s ska sweethearts who hustled for years before making mainstream success and becoming one of the biggest bands in the whole entire world. After Gwen Stefani’s appearance last night with her husband Gavin Rossdale of Bush on his song “Glycerine,” there were rumors that No Doubt would be the special guest tonight, but you never know for sure. You only hope, because as far as special guests go, No Doubt is the absolute perfect choice for a KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas. They are the epitome of a KROQ band. And, ummm, jealously eyeing Stefani’s abs, it’s clear that they really haven’t “changed since yesterday.” We might need to find Stefani roaming around Los Angeles and do whatever pilates class she’s doing, but like seven times a day.

To an unbridled roar of the crowd, the band started with one of their current singles, “Push and Shove” and reggae artist Busy Signal joined them before they did their classic “Sunday Morning” from 1995’s Tragic Kingdom. Drummer Adrian Young’s set was decked out with rasta-colored lights and part of their visuals during the set were behind-the-scenes with the band, like with their kids or Stefani wearing a robe and looking for some hairspray.

“The thing is, I need you to sing with me tonight. I have to have you sing with me tonight,” said Stefani sweetly before the band started “Underneath It All.” This band, out of all the band’s we’ve ever seen ever, and that’s a bold statement we know, has the least amount of worries about their audience singing along. If they just stopped playing completely, thousands of voices would be chiming in with their lyrics. For all you hardcore No Doubt fans out there, on top of “Push and Shove,” “Sunday Morning,” and “Underneath It All,” the band performed “Ex-Girlfriend,” “It’s My Life,” “Don’t Speak,” “Just A Girl” which she dedicated to all her “KROQ girls” and Stefani made the whole audience sing “I’m just a girl at…Acoustic Christmas.”

“Get your hands up in the air,” announced Stefani before the band played “Spiderwebs.” Yeah, sorry we’re not home right, oh wait, no we’re not. We’re watching No Doubt at Acoustic Christmas.

@tomdumontnd @AdrianYoungND bad move buddy, now you’re disqualified from the Tour de France! #nevertweetsteroiduse

@adrianyoungnd KROQ Xmas show! NDJust played an unannounced set. Epic. I am very Sick so I received a steroid shot to make it through

@gabrialmcnair Tonight was so much fun! Thanks #KROQACX12

‏@drfunkenberry For those that did know n for those that didn’t: @nodoubt are the surprise performers at night 2 of KROQ’S acoustic xmas…

‏@Corkscrewed02 Just found out secret guest is next for #KROQACX12. It’s gonna be No Doubt!!!!

12 Replies to “Breaking: No Doubt Performing at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas Night #2; Setlist”

  1. wonder why they didnt do looking hot since it is the current single…hmmmm push and shove should be a single…people love it

  2. She looks awesome! I hope she starts wearing her hair like that at shows for a change!

    Busy Signal was there?!?! OMG I hope we have some good videos or audio of that!!

    I’m also surprised about Looking Hot, but I guess they stuck with the more “Kroq audience” type of songs.

  3. They should have played at least 2 songs from P&S. For more that I love It’s My Life, I feel that they should drop it and give space to their own material.

  4. Seriously, drop its my life! I’m confused why they ever play this song, it wasn’t even that big of a hit…. Man if I could make a setlist for a NO DOUBT show, it would seem like a completely different band. It’s kinda sad that the best songs they’ve written get ignored live and may never be played live…….I almost wish they would stop writing such beautiful songs, unless they play them live…..If I found a genie in a bottle, instead of wishing for more wishes I would wish NO DOUBT played at least 5 deep album cuts that we’re not singles. Ok maybe I’d make it 15 of the songs or maybe all of the songs……. Man who else here would have a heart attack seeing an all non-singles NO DOUBT show, HA! I can’t even comprehend my mind would just explode from happiness. Seriously though its my life needs to go……

    1. AGREED!

      I feel like I’ve been pounding away on that drum for a long time on my own. This setlist could have used some changing up. And, in general, drop It’s My Life. It’s not the Singles Tour or the 2009 Tour (which was kind of like the Singles Tour 2.0, but with a few random album cuts and random covers thrown in).

  5. Uh…It’s My Life was a big hit for them! I still hear it quite often on the radio actually. If they dropped it from their setlist I wouldn’t mind though.

    They did confuse Stephen for Busy Signal. Bummer! 🙁

    I didn’t even realize they didn’t even do Settle Down.

  6. I agree with Chaser. The audience at Gibson went crazy when they played Excuse Me Mr and Magics in the Makeup.

    They didn’t play any of the new material because…well…its no good. They know it.


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