Report: No Doubt NOT Touring in 2013; Updated

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No Doubt has released an official statement confirming the postponing of their tour plans as of now.


Well… we’ve been somewhat expecting an announcement like this. We regret to inform everyone that it seems like plans are now off for a summer tour. A source had commented on our last post regarding LiveNation’s date leak last week saying that the tour had in fact been cancelled.

A very reliable source has now posted that it was confirmed to him that there will be no tour this year. A decision that the band voted on themselves. He continues by saying that the band is indeed working on a new album and writing and recording is going “much smoother” for No Doubt this time around. Dr. Funkenberry also says that his source is saying the band doesn’t want to mess with the positive vibe they have going on right now due to them hitting the road… which makes sense.

In regards to No Doubt’s appearance at the LiveNation event where they stated they would be hitting the road, apparently at that time the tour had not been confirmed.

While this is a huge bummer for fans that were looking forward to seeing them this year, personally, I think it’s a great move. We can tell that No Doubt is really dedicating themselves to this new music that they are working on and we’re excited to see more of it live in the upcoming year. While it’s still not 100% official, I think we can pretty much take this as it since the band will probably not say anything more… considering a tour was never officially announced in the first place. We love this band so much and are here to support them in every way.

Dr. Funkenberry — OK No Doubt fans, we have some bad news…and we have some good news. The bad news mixes in with the good news. No Doubt has decided there will be no tour in 2013.

Our source states that the band took a vote very recently and decided to stay in the studio working on a new album instead of touring behind “Push & Shove”….

We hear the writing and recording is going much smoother for them than on “Push & Shove” where it seemed like it took forever to find a groove. They do not want to mess with the cohesiveness that is taking place in the studio by doing a tour this year.

Earlier this month, a phantom date for a show by No Doubt showed up on for Phoenix. Phoenix is a city that Live Nation uses as testers and does not usually mean a show is taking place there. It happens more frequently than you think.

Our source is extremely credible and I also contacted Live Nation to where they advised me that No Doubt showed up for a special Live Nation event earlier this month where Live Nation was told that No Doubt was leaning towards not touring and will decide on that in the coming weeks.

It makes perfect sense because as much as I LOVE “Push & Shove”, the album just has not been selling as well as it should. The “Looking Hot” video getting pulled also did not help matters. I really wish I could have helped.

To the No Doubt fans and community, I am a HUGE supporter of No Doubt and did reach out to them to help with promotion of “Push & Shove” but there was no response. Still regretting every day running into Tony Kanal after the Van Halen show and being out of business cards. I would not post anything like this without having facts and sources to back it up.

I’m not sure when or if No Doubt will confirm the news I posted. I know just last month at Kimmel, Gwen said on stage “See you this summer” but plans have changed. – DocFB

38 Replies to “Report: No Doubt NOT Touring in 2013; Updated”

  1. I’m actually kind of OK with this…I mean I feel bad for all the fans outside LA that didn’t get to see them at the Gibson shows.

    it seems like the same thing happened with Return of Saturn and then we got Rock Steady right away.

  2. I just hope fans could stop defending Push and Shove, is the worst album in their entire career and with this, even the band accept it.

    1. i tend to disagree lets put it this way it is no tragic kingdom or return of saturn, however i feel it is better than rock steady or gwens solo stuff………

  3. I am also ok with this. I would rather them put out another album to make up for the 10 year+ absence. I said from the get go they should have made a double album, but i guess with a new album in the works then they will have more material to tour with when they do go out there. And let’s keep it real, Push and Shove was amazing, but it wasn’t worth an 11 year wait..It was lacking a little ND vibe that all the other albums have.

  4. Angie, i pretty much agree with you, but i think as ND fans, it can be hard to be like, yeah one of my favorite bands put a pretty lackluster album..

  5. I have to agree. Push and Shove isn’t that great. It’s too mellow for ND, and not like a new wave-ish interesting way that RoS was. It was like..easy listening. I’m hoping they take cue from “Settle Down” and “Push and Shove” and put out a much more upbeat album in more of a classic ND-vein.

    1. i think most of the album is good, outside of settle down which is adaquat. push and shove which i personally think is one of there worst songs ever released but i was generally ok with the rest.

  6. I”m ok with there not being a tour right now, but I am not ok when people say that P&S is a shitty album. Of course people are entitled to their own opinions, but I THINK it was a great album. Some other fans could also agree. Those who don’t like it, are only hating on this album cause it’s not what THEY, THE FANS wanted. This fan loved the album and will love any album ND puts outs. 😛

    1. I said that it was amazing, but lackluster compared to the others. I listen to it pretty frequently, but i can honestly say that as a mega fan and someone who owns all the albums and followed them for almost 2 decades, the criticism(s) i would have w/P&S has absolutely nothing to do with what i expected the album to be, nor does it have anything to do with bad taste. I was one of the fans defending RoS and Rock Steady when they decided to do different things. I don’t think this album sucks at all, my opinion, but it is missing a certain vibe that can be found on all albums before. Whatever, i like it for what it is. If someone doesn’t want to like a song or a cd that they have put out, then let them. You know how much ND means to you and that’s all that should matter.

  7. I loved and still love Return of Saturn. I also saw them a few times live during that era so I don’t get the comparisons. Push and Shove…I played it once and that was it. But to be honest I haven’t liked much of their music since Return of Saturn. I did like some songs on Rock Steady but in general I don’t like the direction they’ve taken at all. They should put more ROCK in their music…it’s been completely non existent since ROS. Either way I always love seeing them live to hear the old songs and it’s a bummer the tour is not happening.

  8. ANGIE, speak for yourself. If you can’t recognize a great album, then it’s your problem/lack of good taste. Just don’t blame it on the band.

  9. Not commercially successful does not equal shitty music. I mean look at the music that is successful now that is shitty in my opinion.

    I’m glad they were actually adventurous with Push & Shove. It was a good album to me. I think it was incomplete but there are still very good songs on there (Sparkle and Heaven). Undone would have been a better title for the album.

    While I’m waiting for the next one, I will still listen to Push & Shove proudly!!!

  10. I just want to quote the Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney: “…Grammys are for like music, not for money…” and I think touring should be the same, not for money but for sharing your music with your fans.

  11. Push and Shove has awesome songs that I wish they’d promote as singles– one more summer, sparkle, heaven. I did not like looking hot, but I’m sure that if it werent for that music video scandal we would have seen the band build up to another single. That whole music video debacle ruined their momentum. Glad I got to see the band in LA. Looking forward to a TK/ROS album. Need that energy. Hope ND gets out of that 80s slump they’re in.

  12. Totally jealous of those of you who saw the band at Gibson! I have been so pumped for this tour 🙁 🙁 🙁 BUT – a new album…one that could potentially get back to some ND roots and infuse more rock into their sound (fingers crossed)…sounds like a plan to me. Please God don’t let it take 5+ years. As a long time ND fan, I can honestly say that P&S is my least favorite album (although P&S is my favorite song from the album), and I think many fans would agree. I haven’t listened to it in months although I have been listening to all the other albums. If they feel like they’re jiving right now, I can support them focusing on that.

  13. i think they should bring back the producers from Tragic Kingdom. The evolved sound of the band paired with what broke them into the mainstream would be AMAZING. I know ROS and Rock Steady came out close together but I personally prefered Return of Saturn as whole…..

    I dont know I love it all but I agree, PAS was by far the worst album.

  14. I enjoyed Push and Shove… I regret not seeing them perform in
    Gibson 🙁 I would have love to see them perform OMS n Easy live…whatever happens, their music will always be the soundtrack to my life. It’s interesting how I could totally relate to themes of push and shove 🙂

  15. it’s official. Push and shove never happened. I personally think that’s unfortunate. Mainly because, from what little info we have, it appears to be due to a lack of commercial success. This is a true sign of what kind if people they are.

    However, they should do what they want.
    EXCEPT tease us for the next two years with silly tweets and webisodes. Painful.

  16. Not surprising at all. I think this officially marks the end of the incredibly slow, painful death of P&S. Here’s to hoping that the new material is really, really good and that it will make up for this era.

    Off topic, but have you guys heard this song?

    AHHHH the HORNS! I’m going bonkers over these guys right now.

  17. I hope their next album is much better than Push and Shove. It was kind of a let down. However, It’s been so long since a tour. I just need to see them already. But whatever. I respect where they’re coming from.

  18. I wouldn’t have gone to see them anyway (lack of funds), but I’m disappointed that they haven’t said anything about the canceled tour after they’ve been talking it up for the last month and a half. Sometimes I wonder if they care at all about communicating with their fans. Their twitter use during P&S recording was awesome, but now it’s just a bunch of retweets of homemade ND crafts and tattoos. That’s nice and all, but how about some news?

    P&S wasn’t a BAD album, but it wasn’t GREAT either. Incomplete is the perfect way to describe it. I just hope the next one will sound more like NO DOUBT and not Gwen’s solo ablum part 4.

    OMG Simon I love Macklemore!!

  19. Honestly, they should’ve just stopped making music. There catalog was 100% classic, theyre a respected band and got to do big time, A-list sh*t before push and shove…they didnt need to ever release anything new. The singles collection was an AMAZING way to end it, CLASSIC SONGS. Theyshouldve just raised kids, and do greatist hits tours whenever they wanted and continue to be a great global band. “Its better to burn out than fade away”

  20. I totally support the bypassing of P&S and a 2013 tour. I’m a bonafide superfan but Push and Shove is just NOT worthy of being called a No Doubt album. I know it sounds extremely harsh, but this is my honest opinion. They’re humans after all and everyone makes mistakes. Thankfully, No Doubt realized something was wrong and made the right decision to separate themselves from it. I cannot wait for the new album. I’d like a return to the more classic TK sound.

  21. I knew that there would never be a re-release of P&S before the tour with new songs. It never made sense, and the band just seemed to be going through the motions the whole time they were promoting it. I really hope they are getting out of their comfort zones for the new material and working with some new producers (it would seem that way so far). I’d love to know what was going on behind the scenes the whole time this album was in production and being promoted.

    @Amanda – Me too!! They are so good.

  22. Anybody catch Gwen mentioning that she went on a recent trip to NYC with her kids and said they acted so bad and it was so hard that she’s not going to tour right now. So maybe the “band vote” that took place is just Gwen being a diva and spoiling her kids too much and/or not knowing how to properly discipline them? Kids can be tough to figure out how to handle, but when your kids keep you fom being able to go to work……uhhhh something needs to be done. Or maybe the only ND tour we’ll ever see again will be a 7 night stand in L.A. for the next album in 11 years. 🙂 (Bittersweet or just bitter?)

    If this is true then I support them on whatever they want to do. It’s kinda sad since I’ve not seen them in 4 years even though they are “back together”. Seems odd to not tour or play for that long. But these are much different times with all the kids they have now and what not. I thought they made most of their money from touring though? I mean did they make so much money from the 2009 summer tour that they don’t need to work for five years? Maybe we gave them too much money for their merch and tickets if that’s the case.

    I wish they would at least do a small tour of some sort, hell I’m on the east coast, but I would of gone to the Gibson shows had I known that would be all the touring for this album. But I didn’t since they said they would do a world tour, then it was just a US summer tour and now no tour!? WTF?

  23. I bet it’s all about momentum – sometimes you need one project to kick start another….once you get in that creative groove it’s not a good idea to stop – otherwise you ruin the opportunity. I can’t image juggling the hectic pace of their lives and trying to record an album – I say if they are in the groove – then stay there. Hope they have fun, create some new music and enjoy their families : – )

  24. Bo, it’s hard to say. Technically there was never an “official” tour announcement from the band in the first place. Of course they have all been talking about hitting the road this summer but nothing like “Hey everyone! We are going on tour this summer! Watch out for dates!” besides what was said at the LiveNation event. But even that wasn’t really a public announcement. So, we’ll have to see, but I wouldn’t expect anything official about the tour just yet. If we don’t see a set of real tour dates in the next week or so, I would assume a summer tour would be off the table.

  25. Omg reading all these comments made me feel less psycho. I felt that p & S didn’t have as much substance as ROS, TK, even RS. I was mad at the scandal and annoyed at L’oreal ad drop and I felt guilty that I had to quickly fork up a lot of cash from my student loans for an album / tour that I 100% didn’t support. I really hope their new material isn’t going to be superficial dance music. And glad I can finally save up my pesos for a better guiltless tour experience. Being a ND fan is expensive.

  26. I don’t even think P&S can be called another ROS. It’s basically another Beacon Street Collection-a Bsides collection now. They should have done the promo last summer, and then did a fall tour. Even if it was a smaller club tour. If we are lucky, maybe we’ll get the new music in Sept-Dec and a fall tour this year. Otherwise, it won’t be until next summer. Maybe Spring. P&S should have gotten more singles. It’s a great album, despite its mellowness and difference to the others. I anticipate the new music to be released separately, but a rerelease of P&S will be out at the same time.

  27. Outside of southern California, which is their hometown so it doesn’t really count as a good testing market for general interest, there was no general audience interest or care about their new album or single. There was a strong lack of awareness and visibility for long periods of time. Introducing their new single at the iHeartRadio festival, then not releasing the song to radio or releasing a lyric video or any other kind of promoting for a month or more aftewards being a prime example.

    They kept talking about doing amphitheaters, but with their poor record sales, that always seemed like a long stretch to me. They would have been lucky with a small club tour. It’s for the best, honestly, that they don’t go on tour for this record. The response to the new material hasn’t been that widely accepted, and that’s just among the fans. I know that I haven’t listened to the album at all really since October. I found it to be a glorified EP’s worth of decent material and loads of filler.

    I think going back in the studio to regroup and try again is the best and smartest option. It’s probably the single most well thought-out thing they’ve done since they announced the whole P&S era. I know that I was going to sit this tour out, and I know quite a few die-hards and casual fans who felt the same way. Here’s hoping we’ll get something better next time around.

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