BREAKING NEWS: Entertainment Weekly Reveals Lyrics To “One More Summer” And “Settle Down”

HUGE thanks to Em for sharing with us! She gave us a couple hints to the new article out in Entertainment Weekly tomorrow. Apparently there are no new photos (major bummer concidering Tom said tehy were taking photos… maybe another “journalist”?), just a large photo from the 2009 tour a small one from the Kennedy Center red carpet. BUT the magazine does include SAMPLE LYRICS, as in NEW LYRICS to titles “One More Summer” and “Settle Down”! Scans will be coming soon to BSO!

“One More Summer” — A catchy driving with the top down single featuring synths, hand claps, and New Order-esque guitars.

Sample lyric – “One more summer / one more weekend / You’re my lover / I’m your weakness”

“Settle Down” — Under a dancehall beat (think “Hey Baby”), Stefani sings about trying to balance all aspects of her busy life.

Sample Lyric – “I’m-a rough and tough / nothin’s gonna knock this girl down.”

5 Replies to “BREAKING NEWS: Entertainment Weekly Reveals Lyrics To “One More Summer” And “Settle Down””

  1. It’s only samples, like a few lines!! Be patient, i’m sure the entire album will be AMAZING! 🙂

  2. How can you judge such a small sample of the song?

    Gwen could sing the ABC’s the whole album, I don’t care! I just want new ND!

  3. I’m so excited for NoDoubts album, They were my favorite band in 90s and early 2000’s so so Happy there comming back!!!

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