Breaking: “Looking Hot” Confirmed as Second Single

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It’s official! While there has been a lot of assumptions going around as either “Push and Shove” or “One More Summer” being the next single, Interscope have revealed this afternoon that “Looking Hot” has actually been chosen as the second US single from Push and Shove.

“Looking Hot” is a solid good choice and we can see it doing very well on radio. Interscope Tweeted that the song is being sent digitally now to stations around the country.

It has been confirmed that the band is performing “One More Summer” on their upcoming Ellen appearance so we’re assuming “Looking Hot” might be performed at the iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas next week.

@INTERSCOPEPROMO BTW the next @nodoubt single is #LookingHot will be hitting US Radio Soon

@INTERSCOPEPROMO How Soon IS NOW? US RADIO @nodoubt next single #LookingHot sending out now via efolio

10 Replies to “Breaking: “Looking Hot” Confirmed as Second Single”

  1. sounds like single choices are super messy. i think this record is amazing but like for real music lovers not for regular radio listeners…

  2. nice choice , i hope the radio edit version includes the raggamuffin part. and i agree with FF this album is amazing for the music lovers maybe not for all radios stations, or no doubters whor are stocked in 1995

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