Big Updates on the Push and Shove Wiki


Just wanted to mention that I’ve spent most of the morning working on the unofficial Push and Shove Wiki! I’m trying to get it up to date and I do apologize for slacking on the Wiki but it’s so busy around here lately! With what seems like some down time for the band till the new year, I’ll try and get caught up, including magazine articles (which I’m updating now). Here is what I’ve been working on this morning:


“Push and Shove” (Song) Updated petition information
“Looking Hot” Updated information on both music and lyric videos
Recording Timeline Added information on latest studio session with Shellback
“Looking Hot” (Lyric Video) Added official lyric video
Photo Shoots All of the latest photo shoots have been added
Televised Commercials Commercial advertisements for the era have been added
Televised Specials Both E! specials have been added
Televised Interviews A list of available of interviews from the era have been added
“Looking Hot” Televised Performances All available performances have been added
“Settle Down” Televised Performances All available performances have been added

Most notably I’ve added pages for single performances and interviews to a central location for easy viewing! I’ll be updating these pages as they are performed and shared with us. Keep in mind that this Wiki is fully editable by anyone so if you’re interested in helping out please feel free! Thank you and I hope you are enjoying it.

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