Battle of the (No Doubt Tribute) Bands

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Just for fun, we wanted to feature two prominent No Doubt tribute bands and have our own little “battle of the bands”. Dave and I were lucky enough to see tributes No Duh and Don’t Speak out and wanted to share a few videos from shows. Both bands are pretty awesome and we definitely recommend checking them out (or any other tribute) if they come to your area.

“Spiderwebs” (No Duh)

“Hollaback Girl” (No Duh)

No Duh, probably one of the most popular tribute bands out there, has toured around the world performing both No Doubt and Gwen songs. We were able to see them while they toured in Seattle back in 2010 and their set included a wide-range of the band’s material from their debut album up to Rock Steady. “Hollaback Girl” also seems to be a staple in their set even including a banana suit into the show. No Duh is also known for going all-out on their stage costumes and lead singer “Spen Gjormani” always does a fabulous job incorporating many of Gwen’s styles from over the years into her look.

For more on No Duh and where you can check them out live, visit You can also see more videos from the show here.

“Sixteen” (Don’t Speak)

“Settle Down” (Don’t Speak)

Don’t Speak is another awesome tribute band out of Chicago that we were able to check out back in 2013. The band also prides themselves in playing a vast majority of No Doubt’s material dating back to Tragic Kingdom also including a few from Gwen’s solo albums. We also love how the band incorporates rarer songs into their set like “World Go ‘Round”, “You Can Do It” and “Making Out”. Don’t Speak doesn’t seem to make it out of Illinois very much but are praised for being one of the best tributes in the area.

For more on Don’t Speak and where you can check them out live, visit You can also see more videos from the show here.

Have you checked out any other No Doubt tributes (or are part of one!) and would like to be featured, let us know. It’s awesome to see these bands on the road and sharing the love for No Doubt’s incredible music catalog. Some fans haven’t been fortunate to see our favorite band live so seeing these tributes can feel like the next best thing. Enjoy!

8 Replies to “Battle of the (No Doubt Tribute) Bands”

  1. I’ve seen No Duh a few times. It’s fun, but sometimes I feel like they are mocking Gwen/No Doubt more than paying tribute to them. I’ve heard that they didn’t start out as a No Doubt tribute band, they only do it because it’s more lucrative… Anyways, if you go into the show with a good sense of humor, it is fun, but I wish they would take it a little bit more seriously. I love seeing tribute bands play because they honor some of my favorite bands of the past. No Duh could be a little better, in my opinion.

    1. I def agree with the comments and I would say sometimes with the singing, it’s a bit exaggerated in a humorous way which may just be how it comes across when people try impersonating Gwen’s style. it’s difficult. Iv been singing her voice on a serious note for years though and hope to start a tribute band one day

  2. Personally I don’t like tribute bands. I’d probably only see a tribute band like No Duh if I was in town and they were playing at the bar next to me.
    I find drag queens more interesting. I’d like to see a drag performing WYWF? or WIU wearing Gwen’s clothes.

  3. I would say No Duh is the better of the two because she sorta sounds and moves like Gwen and tries to dress like her. The other one is okay, but doesn’t really sound or look anything like them which I would think would be a requirement of a tribute band? Lol

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