Audio: Webisode Preview Of “Push And Shove”

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Click here to download individual clips from the webisode!
*Thanks Ashley!

Okay! Now that I am home for the night I can get some proper updates going on! We all know today was an uhhhhmazing day No Doubters — we got our first taste of the first No Doubt music in over eleven years. And it seems like it’s exceeding everyone’s expectations — and it’s only a 30 second clip! No Doubt debuted their first studio webisode today on the official site showing us behind the scenes footage of them recording (which is rumored to be their first single), “Push and Shove”, produced by Major Lazer and featuring Jamaican rapper, Busy Signal. The preview sounds amazing and we can hear some sick dancehall ska vibes with an amazing chorus filled with feisty lyrics: “You push and shove / I take the bait / It’s risky business / Gonna play it anyway.” Adrian’s drumming sounds so incredible (and that beat?! Are you kidding me?) and Gwen’s delivery reminds us of “Hey Baby”, slightly rapping with an attitude that is signature Gwen. We know we are the only ones who have been listening to the clip on repeat and are eating it all up begging for more! More clips are said to be shared in upcoming episodes of the webisodes (Tom even mentioned today on Twitter that they are not sure yet what other songs will be featured) but we will have to see. It’s all coming so quickly and it’s very exciting!

We have updated our new album guide with confirmation that “Push and Shove”‘s Busy Signal will be the only collaborator on the new album.

We have uploaded audio from the webisode and have created a new section in our audio section for everything we get for the new era!

Click here to download the “Push and Shove” preview!

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