Audio: No Doubt Live in Venezuela 2002 Full Concert

This is so awesome! Thank you to YouTube user iwannabeanarchy for posting this up today! It’s just the audio, but it’s the entire concert from the band’s show in Caracas, Venezuela on their Rock Steady tour! We went ahead and posted the track listing along with the points where they start below. Enjoy!

1. Intro/Rock Steady [0:00]
2. Hella Good [0:38]
3. Sunday Morning [04:46]
4. Ex-Girlfriend [09:40]
5. Don’t Let Me Down [14:32]
6. Bathwater [18:35]
7. Different People [23:29]
8. New [30:03]
9. Simple Kind Of Life [34:55]
10. Making Out [40:07]
11. Happy Now? [45:07]
12. Don’t Speak [49:18]
13. Hey Baby [54:41]
14. Just A Girl [58:22]
15. Spiderwebs [01:04:05]
16. Call Me (Blondie cover) [01:08:35]

5 Replies to “Audio: No Doubt Live in Venezuela 2002 Full Concert”

  1. This is one of my favorite shows! I remember listening to my burned copy of this show over and over and the quality is fantastic!

  2. muy chingon….crei que era VIDEO …:(—-pero aun asi el audio es perefecto muchas gracias saludos desde Mexico =D

  3. Definitely was a great show. I listened to ex-girlfriend and call me over and over again from that show!

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