El Mac Shares Personal Photos And High Quality Portraits Of Cover Art

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Cover artist El Mac has shared some breathtaking photos of his portraits of the band and some personal images from his studio creating the paintings. If you thought the art was killer before, wait till you check these out. Seriously, the attention to detail is outstanding and out of this world. He also blogged about meeting No Doubt (and even having a crush on Gwen back in the day!) and called them “the real deal.” Totally rad.

Mac-Arte — It’s been a long time coming, but here’s the artwork I finished recently for the new No Doubt album cover….

I’m proud to say that the lead singer, Gwen (& her husband Gavin) are fans of my work and have been collecting my paintings for the last couple years…and Gwen contacted me last year about painting the next No Doubt album cover. This would be the first album they’ve put out in over ten years, huge opportunity. I remember having a crush on Gwen back when I first heard of No Doubt back in the mid-90’s…so she could’ve asked for just about anything and I would’ve said yes. When I first met with her I kind of felt like some humble servant being summoned to the royal palace…but honestly, Gwen and the rest of the band are really, really cool. Down to earth humans. They’re the real deal. After a few meetings with Gwen and then the whole band, we worked out a look for the cover, did a photoshoot for reference images (styling by Danilo), and I got to work. I pretty much locked myself in my studio for about six weeks working on these four separate acrylic wood panel portraits. It’s a challenge to get these lines to work both up close as abstract shapes that work harmoniously, and from a distance so that they form an accurate realistic image. Hard work but I love it.

This was a super exciting project, looking forward to seeing the album come out at the end of September..

Many thanks to Gwen, Gavin, Tony, Adrian, Tom, Danilo, Kim & Katherine Cone Gallery

5 Replies to “El Mac Shares Personal Photos And High Quality Portraits Of Cover Art”

  1. im gonna say it..im the biggest no doubt fan ever but i seriously hate this album cover. i don’t know why i love them so much but i just don’t like it at all…its just idk i hate it I’m sorry lol

  2. Gwensmic, unfortunately we can’t please everybody. Bad you can’t appreciate Art/this magnificent cover because it’s simply STELLAR. They couldn’t have done better, imho.

  3. I must say, I didn’t like the cover at first either. I was like “Wow look, they just took a few pictures and added a lousy filter”. But since I learned that these pictures are hand-painted, I appreciate it more. But I’m still not a superbig fan of it, especially when you realise the album will probably be only released on CD, not on vinyl. So the coverart won’t get the credit it deserves.

  4. When I learned of the work that went into it I started to appreciate it more. Nothing will be as disappointing to me as the Rock Steady cover.

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