Are Albums Getting Re-Released In March?

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Mystery solved! It seems that the albums are getting released again on SHM-CDs, super high quality audio. It’s a new japanese technology from Universal Japan and JVC. So it seems like nothing new will be on these releases, but we will keep you updated!

Hmm… this is pretty interesting! Thanks to Disneys Rude Boy, a few links have popped up for fans to pre-order versions of Tragic Kingdom, Return of Saturn and Rock Steady through Amazon and Rasputin Music which are scheduled for a March 27, 2012 release. But… they are all pretty pricey at $35.93 a piece. Are we getting deluxe albums or something? Remasters? Commemorative editions? The record label though does list as “Universal Japan” and they are apparently also imported. At this time there is no album artwork for any of the links and some list an explicit language warning on them as well. It is interesting that they also list them as being only a single disk, so if there was any new content, it really wouldn’t be much. We want to know what these are all about! I’ll keep trying to look into them and let you know what I find out!

We are thinking though if they were re-releases with new songs or something, we would have known about them already. We’ll keep you posted, and below are the links if you want to check them out yourself!

Tragic Kingdom on and
Return of Saturn on
Rock Steady on and

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