AOL: No Doubt 2010 New Album Preview

Thanks so much to Chris for sending in the article to us! Nothing new is mentioned, but it’s really nice to see some more buzz on the upcoming album. They do mention that the band is planning on dedicating the rest of the year to the new album, which Tom says they plan on “teasing” us with!

AOL — Shortly after the release of their hit 2001 album ‘Rock Steady,’ members of No Doubt found themselves sidetracked by personal priorities and solo projects, and consequently decided to go on a prolonged hiatus. After their triumphant reunion tour last summer, though, the ska-pop quartet has finally decided to concentrate their artistic efforts once again, and have begun devoting themselves more wholly to their new 2010 album.

Although the group has redoubled their studio work in recent months, their new 2010 album has actually been in the works for a few years now. In 2006, the group told MTV that they were already starting on work on the album, even without lead singer Gwen Stefani, who was expecting a child at the time. Once Stefani returned, they were originally hoping to release an album in 2008, but eventually were forced to delay production once again as they decided to focus more on their 2009 comeback tour.

Now, however, it appears that the stars have aligned, and that everyone in the group is once again on the same page. There’s still no release date for the still-untitled album, nor has No Doubt released an official tracklist. In 2008, though, drummer Adrian Young spoke with MTV about the early sounds that were coming out of the studio thus far. “It seems like we’ve always come from an eclectic background musically,” he said. “But we seem to always gravitate towards reggae. I can’t say that’s what our record is going to be like, ’cause it’s too early to tell, but what makes us feel really good is reggae music. I can play reggae music to my grave.”

Fully aware that their devoted fans will seize any bit of information they can find, the group has also taken to Twitter, where they’ve been regularly updating the world on the record’s progress, as well as giving insight into the atmosphere of their studio. “Tony and Gwen are rocking the synth. Our little studio is warm and candlelit, above the glowing city. Tom,” is what guitarist Tom Dumont tweeted in January. Fans can thus take solace in the fact that not only is No Doubt definitely back in the studio and working diligently toward a new 2010 album, but that we’ll all be able to follow their every move along the way.

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