Another “Settle Down” Review; Now Confirms Other Details

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So awhile ago we posted a fan review (even some lyrics) that was shared with the official forum a couple of weeks ago that generated a lot of buzz… positive and negative. Everything we took from it sounded wonderful — the band is back stronger than ever infusing several new sounds while going back to their roots — “get in line and settle down!”

And now, thanks to our good friend Kristen for sharing some more exclusive details (she was treated to a special early listen from her radio station KGSR in Austin, Texas) for “Settle Down”. Not only does she confirm the lyrics that were shared with us by the forum member, but that the song is very modern sounding, is said to be another huge hit for the band, and Kristen feels like it doesn’t really fit into an album sound that we are familiar with. She even says it sounds like a mix between Gwen’s solo material and No Doubt. She calls the song “catchy as hell!” and will be a smash for the summer! Kristen confirms Interscope is working very hard on keeping the track under wraps, even by embedding employees names on the song to prevent leaks.

They are SERIOUS about making sure this song/album doesn’t leak. They’ve embedded names of Interscope employees in the track so if it does get out, they’ll know who’s to blame! That being said, obviously I can’t reveal too much … but I can confirm everything the guy reported to @NDCforum re: lyrical content. It’s @gwenstefani solo meets @nodoubt. Doesn’t remind me of any era in particular but was exactly what I was hoping for. Catchy as hell; @nodoubt’s take on pop music right now. So smart and FUN and catchy! I’m told most stations that have heard it in this region think it will be a SMASH and I agree. It’s SO good, you guys. “Get in liiine and settle down!”

5 Replies to “Another “Settle Down” Review; Now Confirms Other Details”

  1. lady gaga has a lot of catchy songs and she’s terrible, I’m kinda scared – I never like gwen’s solo and last time I listen to No Doubt I was 15, now I’m 26 and my music taste has changed a LOT since then. We just can wait!

  2. I wouldn’t be too worried. From what we’ve heard so far, and read, I think it’s going to be very fresh and new — which ND need to release. Less than two weeks now!

  3. I’m so pumped. Sure, I’ll never like Gwen’s solo records the way I like No Doubt records, but her shiz has always been good. It’s going to be crazy. The whole record, I’m sure. Any doubts I might have harbored disappeared as soon as I watched webisode 1. 26 years old here too by the way, and yes my tastes have changed since I was fifteen too, but not where No Doubt is concerned. ps gaga rocks

  4. This is so necessary: come back with a SMASH hit! After Rock Steady, the pop vibe of No Doubt is normal for us, fans. I need to hear that! xoxo

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