American Idol Contestant Allison Iraheta Performed "Don't Speak" Tonight; Video Added


Thanks to gwenkiky for the link, on tonight’s edition of American Idol, contestant Allison Iraheta covered “Don’t Speak,” and did a pretty good job, considering she did flub the words “It looks as though you’re headling low…” hmm, anyways. Her outfit was kind of out-there, but overall it was okay. Thanks to, you can check out the video (hopefully one on YouTube shows up quick!) or download the mp3 of the performance below.

Allison Iraheta sings Don’t Speak by No Doubt on American Idol 8 Top 9

Allison played the guitar. I thought this performance was great.

The judges criticized Allison’s outfit. WTH Really? It was that important?


Go Team Anoop!

EDIT: Video added!

Also, People posted a poll this morning on what you thought of Allison’s look (which a lot of people are saying it’s “vintage Gwen Stefani,” uhm, no? Anyways, click on the link to vote.


Tuesday night was contestants’ choice on Idol, allowing the singers to pick any song they want as long as it was a popular download on iTunes. They also, as usual, got to pick their outfit with the help of the Idol stylists.

Allison Iraheta, 16, picked No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak,” which got her decent reviews from the judges, and a decidedly pop-punk ensemble of spiky pink hair, a ruffled pink and white dress, black leggings and white shoes.

“What are you wearing?” asked Randy Jackson. “I don’t get this ensemble tonight.”

Kara DioGuardi told her, “You don’t need to dress the part, you are [rock],” adding that her outfit was, “a little distracting.”

While Paula Abdul had nothing but praise for Allison’s performance, Simon Cowell said she looked “like something out of The Addams Family.”

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  1. I dont know about you guys, but to me, that didnt sound like “vintage gwen” at all. I guess i’m a little snobby-ish when it comes to people sing no doubt songs.. 😀

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