Amazing Fan Photos from Gibson Night #2

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Wow! Our friend Kallie took some really amazing photos of No Doubt at last night’s show in Gibson for night #2. They look so professional and we’re excited to share them with everyone! She even got some sweet shots of Gwen bringing onstage a special fan that traveled all the way from Japan to Los Angeles to see the band!

Click here to see more photos.

4 Replies to “Amazing Fan Photos from Gibson Night #2”

  1. yay! Glad you liked them! The show was amazing. So so so much energy last night and everything sounded great. The lighting wasn’t as good as the last tour though; I had to brighten these a little. lol.

  2. The fans name is Tomo. He stood with me during his trip from Japan. He was so thankful and Gwen said they will be going to Japan soon. xoxo

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