Alternative Radio Stations Premiering No Doubt This Monday

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So… this is kind of a selfish post but it makes me so happy! My local alternative station here in Seattle, 107.7 The End, just promoted No Doubt on the radio this morning with a special announcement about the “Settle Down” premiere on Monday.

I. Just. Died.

Have you heard anything on the radio yet?

6 Replies to “Alternative Radio Stations Premiering No Doubt This Monday”

  1. Bo, I know! They didn’t say a time, but they had their own little commercial for it saying “New No Doubt… coming this Monday” or something like that. I’m pretty sure KISS 106.1 will get it, maybe Star 101.5, too.

  2. its exciting that the general public and media are so excited too ps i sent in another submission via fbook for the contest

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