Album Preview Available Now For iTunes

The Push and Shove album pre-order is now available for iTunes worldwide!


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Push and Shove is now available to pre-order on iTunes Australlia and a 1:30 preview of each song is up! Madness! The standard edition has no extras, but the deluxe version is the exact same as the Target exclusive edition plus the “Settle Down” Bauer remix you get for pre-ordering.

If you’re outside Australia and want to listen to the album teases, simply change your iTunes store to the Australian one and you should be able to listen!

We also want to mention that as we get closer to the release date, we will NOT be sharing any leaks (or illegal streams) of the new music on the fansite with respect for the band and all of their hard work leading up to the album’s release.

20 Replies to “Album Preview Available Now For iTunes”

  1. Im suprised by how mellow one more summer is, sadly im expecting when someone says a “hit” for everything to be uptempo club stuff in this day and age. I love the entire album!

  2. Under Done: 70’s Rock Vibe
    Sparkle: TK Era Sound
    Dreaming The Same Dream: 80’s New Wave
    Heaven:90’s Pop Rock
    Under Cover:90’s Pop Rock
    Gravity: late 80’s /Early 90’s Pop Rock/New Wave
    Easy: kinda trip hop/country
    One More Summer: Blondie/90’s vibe
    Looking Hot:80’s Synth Pop

  3. Wow… Umm……. Most of this sounds A LOT like Gwen solo stuff to me honestly… I don’t know what to think right now. It’s all very mellow too. I’m also really confused about the previous description of One More Summer and it’s “pounding dance beats, arena-size guitars”… That doesn’t sound like it at all. So far the only songs I’m really feeling are Sparkle, Push and Shove, and sort of One More Summer and Looking Hot.

  4. Honestly, I think these reviewers were on drugs, because not a single review matched up to what the song actually sounds like. It sounds a lot like Gwen’s solo work, which I just don’t know how to feel about that at this point. Part of me is very happy that it’s not as bad as what the reviewers were describing, another is very disappointed that it’s like L.A.M.B. pt II. You can hardly hear the unique riffs that Tom creates, or the wicked bass lines that Tony is capable of, it’s like The Gwen and Adrian Show, as you the only two things you hear on most of the songs, besides synthesizers, are vocals and drums. I am a lot more impressed than I thought I would be though, which is a good thing, and only listening to the full record will tell the truth, so I await that before I completely give up hope.

  5. Amazing! They really know how to tease us 😀 Can’t wait to hear all the songs in full. Only 3 more weeks! This is torture. 😀

  6. how do you guys do ? i changed my apple store to the australian one and then i type in the “search” bar no doubt push and shove and there is no result found –‘

  7. I’m disappointed it doesn’t have more of a ska/ reggae vibe to it (throughout). Sounds super poppy but I’m sure it’ll grow in me when I’ve heard it all the way through 🙂

  8. I agree with everyone saying it sounds a lot like Gwen’s solo work and I’m a bit disappointed about it… Although I loved Sparkle, Undone, Push and Shove and Settle Down.

  9. What’s so bad about it sounding like Gwen’s solo work? Gwen’s solo work rocked!! And of course you can hear the band’s instruments in all of these, it seems you’re not hearing well! It’s just a whole lot more produced, that’s all.

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