Adrian Talks “Push and Shove” With KROQ’s Stryker

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KROQ has posted a portion of DJ Stryker’s interview with Adrian from yesterday afternoon on their blog.

He talks about the newly released “Push and Shove” song saying that it brought them all back to their ska roots. Diplo brought the song originally to them (without the chorus) which the band then wrote to make the song sound more ‘No Doubtish’. Adrian is really excited to hear this kind of song on the radio from them; can we take that as a confirmation this is the second single?

KROQ — Relaxing over a drink in his private in-home bar with KROQ’s Ted Stryker, No Doubt drummer Adrian Young explained the story behind the ska-inspired title track from their highly anticipated new album, Push and Shove.

“Singing with Gwen (Stefani) is Jamaican dancehall rapper, Busy Signal. We worked on the track with Major Lazer, kind of a collaboration,” Young explained. “They kind of brought us back to our own roots on that song. They said, ‘When you were young, you were playing so much ska. We’d like to hear what that’s like in 2012. No Doubt playing ska.’”

“So we gave it a go, and we all get super excited every time we hear that song. Ska music in general is just exciting music. It feels natural to us. Anything you were doing as a teenager into your 20s or 30s… it’s a part of us, it’s a part of No Doubt.”

Stryker dug deeper into the roots, asking the drummer how the song was born. “The roots of the song started with Tony talking to the guys from Major Lazer (led by superstar DJ/producer Diplo), and they came up with the initial groove. It sounded awesome so we jumped in and put our tweaks on it. We said, let’s make it more ‘No Doubt.’ We wrote the chorus, which is super different than the verses.” Young reflects on the early days of the band. “It’s like what we used to do a long time ago. We’d do ska verses, then go into some weird half-time chorus. But a long time ago when we were playing music like that, radio wasn’t playing us. First the first eight years of our band, we weren’t on the radio. So, I’m really excited to hear that kind of song, from us, on the radio.”

5 Replies to “Adrian Talks “Push and Shove” With KROQ’s Stryker”

  1. does it sound ska to you mr young? is more dance=hallish/reggae/pop to me. i am not feeling it. when i think in nd making ska is more like total hate, move on, starring problem even sunday morning. not this.

    interscope and their promotional strategies suck and they’re messing up this magical moment to die hardcore fans. thank you!

  2. you can’t say it isn’t ska, gwennabe. it has the elements that make a ska song… just with bass and synths added, that doesn’t take ska away from the song, even if you’d like to think so.

  3. Gwenabee, you’re right. This has nothing in common with Ska-Music. I’m feeling sorry for the band for loosing their good taste. It’s sad.

  4. It’s ska with a little spice to it that’s why it doesnt sound so skankish. It’s ska 2012 even though I still love old school ska but this is an awesome song and I’m a die hard ND fan since 96′.So I respect what they did 100%

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