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Adrian was voted Sexiest Musician by Playgirl magazine!

Loveline’s website posts the podcasts the next day, so it will probably be up to download tomorrow afternoon. I’m listening right now, and so far Adrian admitted that his favorite show is HBO’s Weeds, and has never seen Family Guy. The host also played a name that album with song titles, and Adrian thought “Too Late” was on Tragic Kingdom! He then corrected himself and said that the rest of the group was probably listening and are laughing at him.

Adrian says that he sees all of the members often and he says that hopefully sometime in 2008 the new material will be released! Adrian says that it’s been different since Gwen was out on tour and the boys have been working for awhile. Later this month, the whole band is getting together and will start working. Spike Stent is working with No Doubt again, he worked with them on Rock Steady. He wouldn’t say what the new sound sounds like, but he says it sounds like “a little bit of the old.” Gwen still does most of the writing, but they are all getting together for a collaborative effort. He talked about the No Doubt reunion and the band that it was so exciting cause the audience was louder than any No Doubt show and he said that made him so pumped for getting back on the road.

A fan called in asking about the ska-influence rumored to be on the next album, and Adrian stated that there will be more ska songs on this record than past records. The host also stated that one of his favorite No Doubt songs is “Sometimes.”

Adrian is taking place in the Guitar Center Drum Off taking place this Saturday, which will not be available online, but it will be released on DVD later on.

He conciders the Slidebar his favorite bar/restuarant in southern California.

Adrian stated that his collaborative drum line, Orange County Drums, is now branching out to Guitar Center. He’s pretty upset about his golf game right now…

Adrian was asked how the band got into reggae and ska and said that the wave from Britain and consumed the band. Fishbone and the Untouchables were some of his favorite bands and made them want to play ska. He also explained that the first album wasn’t successful but it made No Doubt famous in southern California due to touring. The band didn’t think Tragic Kingdom wasn’t going to come out, the band was all in college and had regular jobs when they were making the album, Adrian was a waiter. The band knew they had alot of songs that wouldn’t make the album, and that’s what The Beacon Street Collection was.

He also still claims that the band’s most highest moment was playing half-time at the Superbowl.

Adrian loves Muse, especially the drummer.

Did you know that Adrian went to medical school for 3 years at Yale while No Doubt was on tour?

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