Adrian Involved with New Band Project; No Timeline for No Doubt Tour or New Album

Photo courtesy of Isaac Brekken/Getty Images
Photo courtesy of Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Adrian joined Goldfinger drummer Darrin Pfeiffer and drum tech TS on the phone for a new interview this past week with The Dangerous Darrin Show. The podcast is available to stream and download now on iTunes. He opens up about No Doubt and says that he has no idea when the band plans to write, record or tour in the future and shares that he’s involved in a new band project (about 28 minutes into the podcast).

TS shares that he worked for No Doubt and Gwen for several years and went all over the world with the band. He talked about how he would set up Adrian’s drum set and had a lot of “good times” with No Doubt. TS says that he and Adrian golfed on every off day on the road.

Adrian shares that he’s been playing a lot of golf at the moment since No Doubt is not presently working on anything. He says that he’s been competing a lot and participating in tournaments. He’s mentioned city championships and continuing to participate in amateur events. He jokes around saying he’s “very far” off from competing with the golf pros. Adrian talked about golfing more and said that he’s focusing on his mental game to get better. He says that he’s playing a lot more golf than drums these days. “I play guitar more than I play drums.”

When asked about No Doubt, Adrian talked about the band hitting the road this past summer for their festival tour and said “that’s it for awhile” in regards to what’s next. “I don’t know when we’re going to record or play again. Yeah, that’s it.” Adrian says that he does have a new project in the works but is not allowed to talk about it just yet. “It’s going to be a new band.” We’re curious if Tom, Tony and Adrian are working on something together because Tom did mention that the guys were in the studio making music last month during his IPSF acceptance speech.

On a personal note, we appreciate Adrian’s honesty even though he was quite brief about No Doubt. It’s obvious the band is on another hiatus but we feel like us fans have been in the dark for quite some time on what exactly has been going on. The news is bittersweet and we hope the band reconnects in the near future on new music and projects. We’re excited for Adrian’s new band to come to light and we hope to hear more soon about what he’s been up to. We wish the entire band the best of luck with everything and we’ll still continue to be nothing but supportive of everyone’s new chapters and adventures.

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  1. the band is over with. Two of the members want to send their days with their families, and not on tour/promote one member wants to become a pop icon, and the last one just wants to jam with anyone at this point. Maybe in 3-5 years there will be a reconnection

  2. It would be pretty exciting if Tom, Tony and Adrian developed a music side project! Maybe something instrumental? Or a with new singer? Who knows what he means by that, but hopefully we find out soon!

  3. Well, the guys gotta make some money too. They can’t live eternally on royalties. That’s cool for him. I just hate how people on FB are blaming Gwen for this, though. Everything in time. At least she did some festivals with them this year. Probably to give them some money too.

  4. That would be pretty cool if Tom, Tony and Adrian were to form their own band- on the other hand it would certainly mean No Doubt is over for good. I feel bad that they have always had to wait around for Gwen the past ten years. They’re second tier to their own band. So hopefully they will continue to make music on their own.
    Btw as far as royalties, Adrian would see very little of that since he only has writing credit on like two songs and non-singles at that, Eric Stefani probably makes a lot more on royalties.

  5. I think we should just respect everyone’s journey as an artist. I have a feeling the label probably feels there’s more interest on a solo Gwen record at this point in time esp with the 360 deal she allegedly signed with interscope. I’m pretty sure it’s more profitable from the label’s perspective. Anyways, I’m sure they’ll find a way to get back with each other once their kids grow up a bit. It just seems a really struggle for them to write songs as a band. Who know maybe now that Gwen has reconnected back to her gift maybe it’ll spark some fire back with her band.

  6. Some interviewer asked her if there was some reggae/ska sounds on the album and she briefly mentioned that she was thinking on a feature with some artist. Every time she’s at that point of going back to her roots, it means she will want to return to the band as soon as she’s finished with this solo. Hopefully at the end of 2016- beg. of 2017 they will get back together and write another album. *wishful thinking*

  7. Back in the day, bands used to sign a 5 album deal. I think ND has already finished that and after PS there’s little interest from Interscope to renew or do a new deal. The fact that the band is now self managed is also a factor. I’m thinking that even if they want to record, they might not get financed to do so and I doubt they would do an independent release.

  8. Why would ND be “over” just because the guys have a new band? We don’t even know if that’s what is happening anyway. Even though I don’t think Gwen is very close to them anymore, I think she still thinks of them as family. I don’t see ND ever breaking up. They have too much history.

  9. at this point, it depends on how well her solo record is received. If it becomes a commercial success, I can see her take about a year or two to promote and tour the record. If not, I could see her go back to No Doubt a lot sooner. The reality is the Gwen Stefani brand is a lot bigger than the music. With her 360 deal, she is generating a lot more revenue for Interscope through deals with companies like MasterCard than if she would as part of No Doubt.

  10. I think it’s so cute when fans think ND or Gwen is planning or even thinking about new ND music. Like they believed Gwen when she said she was writing for ND and solo. I think the only time any of that will be realistic is when all of there kids have grown up, Gwens solo career has fizzled (even more), and they’re all in there 50’s. I don’t think they’ll ever “break up” but I really don’t see any new ND anything for at least almost 10years, (I’m rounding up, maybe 7-8years). Until then we’ll get the occasional festival type shows…& I’m 110% ok with that. I would rather keep my ND albums right where they’re at: CLASSICS. I don’t want to add another ‘Push & Shove’ to the list. Although I do wish/hope for special reissues on the albums anniversary.

  11. I do also wonder how much longer Interscope will keep them. If I’m correct Jimmy isn’t the head honcho there anymore?… I think he’d be the one to always back anything ND/Gwen

  12. I don’t think ND are over at all! My biggest wish for them right now is a tour, I’m not too bothered about new music. I know we’ll be waiting a while though… but I think a hiatus is all that this is.

  13. People often seem to blame Gwen just because she’s basically the bigger star….
    The band get their chances to do shows again but they don’t get inspired as a group to create…
    Gwen should take all the wonderful opportunities that come her way,
    If the last album was such a struggle, why would any of them want to do it again?
    They’re supposed to enjoy the creative process or at least be making hits to make it worthwhile!

    1. I don’t think “blame” is the right word, but Gwen IS the songwriter, singer and face of the group…so yeah, a lot of it DEPENDS on her. Besides that, she openly “blames” herself when the group struggles or has a long hiatus. I think Tony’s passion lies with animals now…Tom seems to miss the group but enjoys his family…and I think Adrian is down for anything LOL Anyway, I don’t expect another ND album for many years, but it would be nice if they did a song here or there for soundtracks or compilations. I do think they will always do random shows or tour though.

      1. Exactly Tom is the one who misses the group most from what he posts on social media. He really cares a lot about ND fans.

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